The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedgeVocal monitor wedge set for medium throw to the back of a small stage

Stage Foldback Monitors

Why stage sound is important

All bands and artists need clear and precise sound on the stage. Without any foldback monitors the on-stage sound would simply be a mushy boom from the main PA system reverberating around the venue. This causes vocalists and musicians to loose timings with other band members and pitch from the instruments. At best you would only achieve a mediocre live performance. The bands not happy neither is the audience.

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedge shown in an upright positionVocal monitor upright, can be stood on other stage cabinets or tables

Traditional Stage monitors

These are simply a large speaker and a tweeter in an angled box placed on the stage. (A monitor wedge) At worst fed with the same sound as the main front of house speakers. This adds little, except a loud cluttered sound on stage. Separate monitor mix will help, but large cone drivers in the monitor wedge will give little clarity of definition to the foldback mix. Turning up the monitor mix makes it worse with potential feedback.

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedgeVocal monitor wedge set to almost vertical throw. Ideal for just in from of microphone stand.

Ideal on stage sound

This might sound odd, but quiet would be nice. In reality this is not likely to happen. But a loud cluttered mushy sound on stage is detrimental to any performance. What's needed from on stage monitors is clean, clear, precise, tight and semi directional sound enabling everyone performing on stage to hear exactly what they need to hear.

Trac2Trac2 vocal stage monitors

The on-stage monitors developed by Trac2 have been uniquely designed to address the problems of on-stage monitor sound. Gone is the concept of the "Monitor Wedge" with a large speaker in a heavy wooden box. The exclusive Trac2 on-stage monitors are specifically designed and tuned for on stage foldback. Taking a fresh approach to vocal foldback sound reproduction resulted in this very unique monitor solution used by Trac2.

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedgeVocal monitor wedge set for long through to back of a large stage.

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor shown on stageVocal monitor on stage.

Features of vocal monitors used by Trac2

Small:- Trac2 stage monitors won't detract from the bands, artists or speakers who are on stage.

Lightweight:- Trac2 stage monitors are very light weight by design, allowing them to easily be moved to the require position.

Definition:- Trac2 stage monitors use a small (8 inch) single high precision driver to deliver very clear high quality precise sound at high or very high sound pressure levels (if required).

Response:- The Trac2 stage monitors have been specifically tuned to deliver a crisp punchy sound with exceptional clarity. Technically a full range stage monitor, a precise mid range response tuning enhances the clarity of the sound delivered back on to the stage.

Power:- With 200 watts (RMS) of power handling and 95db/watt/metre efficiency, the stage monitors used by Trac2 can deliver more than enough clean "clout" for just about every stage sound monitor requirement.

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedgeVocal monitor on stage next to a multicore stage box

Feedback:- Stage monitors are often the cause of feedback. This especially with traditional stage monitor wedges where the lack of clarity in the monitor sound is often mistaken for quietness, and so they get turned up). From experience with the Trac2 monitors, the power, clarity, definition and directivity of the on stage sound produced by these stage monitors means feedback in unlikely (we've never had it). The precise tuned sound delivered just where you want cleanly, means they often need to be turned down way before feedback becomes a problem.

Trac2 instrument monitors

To keep the on stage sound clean. Instrument foldback is generally sent through a seperate monitor mix to instrument specific monitors. By using completely different monitors tailored to produce instrument sounds everyone is happy. (and everyone can hear what they want to hear)

2 x 12" instrument monitor / backline cab2 x 12" Instrument monitor

For larger venues, stages and outdoor festivals we suggest using the full Trac2 backline. This can add substantial depth to the overall on stage sound without cluttering or overloading the clean precise sound from the vocal monitors. For more information on the Trac2 Backline for guitars, bass, keyboards drums and other muscians, see the BackLine page.

For very small venues requiring instrument monitors was can run an instrument bias mix through a vocal stage monitors and a vocal bias mix through other vocal stage monitors. (all sound sources can be mixed in any combination and level to any monitor)

Larger venues not requiring the full backline, but requiring fairly substantial instrument monitoring are handled by using a small instrument specific monitor with an instrument foldback mix while leaving the vocal monitors to give a very clean vocal stage foldback.

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitors at a small outdoor eventTrac2 small descrete vocal stage monitos at a a small outdoor festival. Highlighted so you can actually see them.

Frequently asked questions

Q We want instrument foldback as well, can these monitor handle it
A Yes and No. For starters is not a good idea to have vocal and instruments going through the same monitor mix. This produces a messy "mushy" sound on stage. The Trac2 vocal stage monitors are optimsed for vocal use. In small venues / stages we could put instruments through them as well, this would generally be done using two monitor mixes with instruments bias toward one monitor, and vocals bias towards the other. This keeps the on stage sound clean. For instrument monitoring we have two options. Either use the Trac2 backline monitor for larger venues or the full instrument backline

Q Are the Trac2 on-stage vocal monitors loud enough for our heavy rock band
A Certainly. These Trac2 stage vocal monitors delivery a massive punch of sound onto the stage. Before we have started sound checks artists often request we turn up the monitors up for them. Invariably when they get on stage for sound checks, they ask us to turn them down. (which we find quite amusing to be honest). It is rare for use to even get to within 75% of maximum on stage sound. If you are used to traditional stage monitor wedges, these will be a big suprise. Additionally, we aim to keep stage sound levels low. A deafening noise on stage will never maximise a performance. (and can damage the artists hearing)

Q I can never get the monitors pointing where I want the sound. How does the Trac2 stage sound solve this.
A The Trac2 on stage vocal monitors differ from traditional wedges which have a fixed angle. The Trac2 stage vocal monitors have a totally variable angle of pitch allowing their clean precise sound to be directed exactly where it's required.

Q Those monitors look very small Can they deliver
A Yes. A few times after sound checks artists have asked us to come up on to the stage and explain how something so small can work so well. These are not a speaker in a wedge shape box. Rather than blindly following perceived wisdom about stage monitor design, Trac2 went back to first principles. This allowed us to design and construct a vocal stage monitor specifically design for one purpose. Deliver clean crisp and powerful foldback sound onto the stage.

Q I use recorded backing tracks, will Trac2 vocal monitors handle that
A Yes. Although the Trac2 stage monitor speaker design is optimised for vocal stage monitoring, they are still a full range speaker cabinet although tuned for mid range sound clarity. Many artists who have used backing tracks with this stage monitors actually prefer the slight elevation of the midrange of the sound spectrum. This probably because they are optimised for vocal reproduction artists find the enhanced vocal range of the backing track enables them to easily hear the pitch of the music enabling them to deliver a tighter vocal performance. With perfectly flat hi-fi speakers, bass and high trebles would be louder. This is of little benefit to a vocalist with using backing tracks

Q Will we get howls, squeels and whistles on stage when we're using these Trac2 monitors
A Extreamly unlikely. The monitors are quite directional, putting clean precise sound exactly where you want it. The efficiency of the sound produced along with the tailored sound spectrum required for vocal foldback monitors means we can achieve extreamly high sound pressures levels way before feedback occurs. (Artists ask us to turn the monitors down a long time before we reach feedback point)

Q When we hire Trac2 for our live event, do you always use these monitors
A Yes. Nothing else gets close.