Full Trac2 instrument backline speakers stack arrayFull Trac2 instrument backline speakers stack array

Full stage backline support

Save the hassle

We bring a whole new meaning to "Plug and Play"

With a full backline supplied by Trac2. You simply have to turn up, plug instruments in and play.

Boss GT 10 guitar effects pedalEffects pedals just plug straight in.

No more expensive amplifiers and speakers getting damaged in transit.

No more thrashing small rehearsal amplifiers at bigger venues.

No more hassle.

Stage backline amplifiers

The unique Trac2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedgeVocal monitor wedge sometimes used for instrument backline in very small venues

These are plain, straight forward amplifiers. They make things louder (or in this case, very loud). There are several backline amplifier and speaker options.

Very small Venues:- 150 watt amplifier driving into a vocal monitor speaker wedge.

2 x 12" Instrument monitor cabinetThe small Trac2 backline guitar speaker monitor cab 2 x 12"

Small to medium venue:- 200 watt amplifier driving into an ultra efficient 2 x 12" instrument monitor speaker cab.

Medium to Large venue:- 300 watt amplifier driving into an ultra efficient 4 x 12" instrument monitor speaker cab.

Large or outdoor venue:- 450 watt amplifier driving into 2 x ultra efficient 4 x 12" instrument monitor speaker cabs.

Plain stupid:- 600 watt amplifier driving 4 x ultra efficient instrument monitor speaker cabs with a total of 14 12"s drivers. with a total power handling of 1.6Kw. .(Seriously a bit to loud even for the largest stage)

Stage backline connectivity

The almighty Trac2 powered guitar cab 4 x 12" with integrated 450 watt power amplifier'The almighty Trac2 powered guitar cab 4 x 12" with integrated 450 watt power amplifier'
Plugging in options are vast.

DI Box:- Trac2 supply stage DI boxes. Just plug in and go.

DI Box with effects and emulators:- Just plug the output of your effects pedals, emulators or racks into a Trac2 DI box

Guitarists effects pedalsGuitarists effects pedal board plugs straight in

DI Box with own amplifiers:-Put a Trac2 DI box in line before your amplifier and we tap a signal for for both the backline and main front of house PA system

Emulated out:- Take this XLR or Jack connection into the Trac2 feed, we route it through the Trac2 backline monitor amplifiers and you're away with that as well.

Speaker Out:- Route your amplifier speaker out through a Trac2 DI box, (Set to Speaker) and we route it through the Trac2 backline monitor amplifiers for a very full sound.

Keyboards:-Mono or stereo XLR, Jack or phono will plug straight in

Microphone with guitar amps:- Although we can put a microphone in front of your exising amplifier, it will limit the levels we can achieve through the backline array. (But great for recording, and perfect front of house balance and mix)

Everything else. . . . yes, we've got a way to connect it (By example, we've had a Jew's Harp with a microphone built onto it, and electric hurdy gurdy, a wash board with a condenser microphone. We think you get the idea. . . .)

Large backline standard right of stage 2x12" and 4x12" instrument monitor cabsLarge backline standard right of stage 2x12" and 4x12" instrument monitor cabs

Backline Speakers

The Trac2 backline speakers are specifically designed and constructed for instruments. Along with creating the sounds you would expect from 4 x 12" speaker cabinets, the do it with blistering efficiency. For every watt of raw power we feed in, we achieve approximately +5db of loudness out compared with similar speaker cabinets. So when we said "ultra efficient" above, we really did mean it.

The design of the cabinets and driver selection allows us to put array instruments through them, including keyboards, bass, drums, even vocals. For Bass backline, we use the backline array here, but with a reduced bass volume onto the stage. This preserves the clarity of of the backline array for other instruments while retaining the full "slap and twang" that some bass players like. Lower bass (just "resonating string") and the lower spectrum of a bass drum are handled through the main front of house PA system. (Simply because nobody can locate where lower frequencies emanate from).

Frequently asked questions

Q I'm a guitarist, I want to use my amp and speakers NOT your kit
A That's good. You know your guitar, amp and speakers. We'll simply put a microphone in front of your speaker and feed the front of house sound system from that. We'll even make sure we have a power supply for you to plug into.

Full backline in a really small venueFull backline in a really small venue (by request)
Q I've got an electronic drum kit, does your backline handle that or should I bring my own amplifier
A Electronic drum kits are fine running through the Trac2 backline array. If acoustic cymbal are used we will use drum overhead condenser microphones to pick those up. If electronic cymbals are used we all a small tweeter box to the Trac2 backline speaker stacks to ensure the stage sound correctly represents the sound you would expect.

Q I play keyboards. I've got stereo quarter inch jacks out or mono if I just use the left socket. Do you use stereo or mono.
A We can use either. Generally we'll take a stereo out for feeding into the main front of house PA system, and supply a mono feed in to either the vocal foldback monitors or the full backline monitors.(or a mix of both)

Q My 800 watt bass amp went pop last week, Can I plug straight in, and how could I ever get my normal stage presence with just 600 watts of your "Plain stupid" backline instrument monitors.
A Yes you can plug straight in (well via a DI box). The backline amplifiers and speakers are designed for clarity and definition. Bass would be a challenge for the backline on it's own. However the backline is not on it's own. There's a few kilowatts of front of house speaker system and the awesome Trac2 bass bins to contend with. Trust us, this configuration works just fine.

Q I play keyboards including foot pedals for the lower register, can the Trac2 backline monitors / stack handle that
A Yes, same answer as above.

Outdoor Party, Full PA, Backline, monitor stage and lightsOutdoor Party, Full PA, Backline, monitor stage and lights
Q Do I just plug my strat copy into the front of that powered backline cabinet, and where are all the other controls like drive, reverb etc.
A No instruments don't plug directly into the Trac2 backline amplifiers and speakers. The backline amplifiers and speakers essentially form a foldback monitor system but designed around instrument / guitar amplifiers. You would plug your guitar in via a DI box. (After your effects pedals) The instrument signal then goes via the mixing desk and is sent back to the instrument backline monitors. This enables your guitar to be efficiently mixed into the main output and your guitar along with other instruments destined for the backline amplifiers to be heard on stage.
If you require effects or emulations there are two options.
Either use your own guitar effects pedals, emulators etc, and feed their output into the Trac2 rig. OR we can can emulate your desired guitar amplifier and speaker combination at the main mixing desk (Using Line 6 Pod Pro studio rack mount effects unit) and send that to the backline amplifiers and speaker array. (oh and to the main front of house output)

Q My amplifier is more than loud enough I don't want anything plugging in or any microphones
A That's OK with us. However, here's a little tale of caution. . . .

One band we worked with at a fairly small venue wanted their entire set recording (no problem, we simply record main mixer output). However, the lead guitarist had a very nice Orange amplifier and small Orange speaker, and insisted it was loud enough and did not under any circumstances want us to mic or DI his guitar or amplifier. (As we said. . . "fine by us")
Now the his small orange speaker was on the floor facing the audience, and the guitarist turned the volume up quite high. Everyone in the audience (including our sound engineer) was being deafened by this guitar. Unfortunately the guitarist could not hear his guitar as the speaker was on the floor facing away from him. (oh the shouts of "TURN IT DOWN" from the crowd did not help him either). . . .
So the guitarist turns the volume up to full (11 we reckon). So The audience had a very miserable experience, the rest of the band could not really be heard, so the whole thing sounded rubbish. (Somehow the Trac2 sound engineer at that event got the blame)
The the guitarist was also unhappy because he could not hear himself.
And finally to put the icing on the cake, the recording turned out very well, (surprisingly) stunningly mixed and balanced, except there was no lead guitar on it because the guitarist did not (under any circumstances) want to go through the sound system.

We'll give advice from decades of experience, but we'll always respect your wishes

Q Given the little tale above. I and the band love the sound of my amplifier and speaker. I don't want to plug into anything what do you suggest
A We're pleased you and the band like your sound, (it means we'll probably like it as well). The best solution is to use your speaker(s) as your own foldback. Face it away from the audience and at your own ears so you can hear exactly what you are playing. We'll place a microphone in front of your speaker(s) and use that to create a balanced mix for your audience and optional recordings. Hopefully everyone is happy with that compromise.. . . . p.s. The same band (mentioned about) at their next venue took that advice, and the performance can only be described as outstanding.

The Trac2 sound crew are here to assist and endsure your audience and fans hear a great reproduction of your perfomance. We also want you to have a great on-stage experience provided by the Trac2 foldback monitors and backline solution.