Stage lighting with impact

Trac2 mini LED lighting rig under test in the workshop with light smokeTrac2 mini lighting rig under test in the workshop with light smoke

Precise high quality lighting turns a simple performance into a high impact entertainment extravaganza. Lighting is an option when engaging Trac2 to provide the sound solution for your band, festival or event.

Trac2 lighting can also be used with your existing sound system. Add full stage lighting to your event with the Trac2 mini lighting rig

The Lighting Rig

Suited for stages between 3 and 9 metres wide, two separate lighting stands hold eight full RGB LED mini par cans. Each lighting par can is individually controlled, filling the stage with vivid vibrant colour. Two additional floor mounted RGB LED mini par cans are use to project light onto either drums or used as a back wash or up lighters at the front of the stage. These again are computer controlled adding extra depth to the overall lighting impact.

Trac2 LED par cans with full power strobe test in workshopTrac2 LED par cans with full power strobe test in workshop

Stage Lighting control (DMX)

As mentioned every RGB LED mini par can is individually controlled. This allows and unlimited control potential for sequences and colours. Trac2 have created several highly effective sequences for both high colour saturation, lead vocalist spot lights, drums lighting and backlight flood lighting and sequences. Multiple lighting sequences can overlay each other creating a huge combination of impressive stage lighting effects. In addition to existing stage lighting sequences, white flash sequences and chases and full system strobe have a massive impact when appropriatly used.

The impressive array of pre-configured lighting sequences and chases by Trac2 fits almost every genres and style of music. However Trac2 are more than happy to create unique specific lighting sequences for the specific requirements of the bands or artists performing.

Trac2 LED par cans DMX programming in workshopTrac2 LED par cans DMX programming in workshop

Smoke and Haze

The hign impact of the Trac2 mini stage lighting provides exceptional illumination for the artists. This is further enhanced by using light smoke / smoke haze effect from a small remotely controlled smoke machine. This small addition takes stage lighting from the "norm" into a very impressive festival / concert look and feel. The haze emphasises colours, white flashes and chases, this brings the whole performance to life and delivers maximum visual impact to the performance.

Trac2 lighting a Four piece band in small venueTrac2 lighting a Four piece band in small venue

Sound to light

The very fast reaction times of the Trac2 RGB LED mini par cans not only make colour sequences and flashes very impressive compared to traditional stage lighting but sequences can be advanced in time with the music being played. The Trac2 sound solution utilises a drum only feed into the sound to light activation lighting control software, directly linked into the light controlling computer sequence changes are accurate and precise. So now the whole lighting is beat reactive to give an impressive illumination and enhance the sound with precise choreographed visual stimulation.

This specific lighting control is not limited to being run from the Trac2 sound system. When the Trac2 mini lighting rig is used with other sound systems, we can still use the Sound to light interface to the computer which controls the lighting rig. We can take a line input from the sound system used or if that's not available, we can simply plug a microphone in, picking up the music to drive the light sequence to enhance the stunning visual lighting effects from Trac2.

Audience lighting effects

In addition to stage lighting, Trac2 can utilise the higher powered disco lighting units to put lighting effects onto the audience. Dual high power synchronised roller scanners puts stunning vivid colour lighting beams over and into the audience. This draws the audience into the action on stage and immersing everyone into the whole performance.

Frequently asked questions

Q We're holding a music festival and we already have a sound PA system arranged. Can you supply lighting alone
A Yes not a problem.

Q Can we hire the lighting without a Trac2 operator to run them
A No, the Trac2 lighting rigs are supplied with a professional operator. This maximises the lighting effects and ensures safety requirements are adhered to.

Q You mentioned a smoke machine. Is it safe, and will it set of our venues fire alarm
A The smoke machine uses approved industry standard smoke machine fluid which complies to all safety standards. Additionally the smoke is only used for a light haze so is of low density. As far as the fire alarm detectors go, it depends on the type of smoke detectors used. We suggest you advise the venue of the use of smoke machines so they can isolate the relevant fire / smoke detectors if needed.

Q Does your mini lighting rig use a lot of electricity / have a high mains power requirement
A No. The lighting is exceptionally efficient. The RGB LED mini par cans have a very low power requirement and generate very little heat. The total power draw is less than 3 amps. The large roller scanners used for audience lighting also draw about 3 amps from the mains. So if you require both types of lighting we would advise the total power requirement for lighting is about 6 amps.

Q Can we use Trac2 lighting for our outdoor beer festival stage
A Yes and no. If your staging is covered then not a problem. The lighting is not waterproof and would need protection in the evet of rain

Q You are featuring the Trac2 mini lighting rig. Can you light bigger stages for bigger events
A Yes, for bigger lighting requirements we hire in additional equipment ensuring Trac2 offers the best solution for your needs

Q Is your lighting electrically safe
A Yes, all Trac2 electrical equipment is regularly check for both safety and function

Q Are your lighting stands strudy. I've heard of lighting stands falling over
A The stage lighting stands used by Trac2 are professional grade lightweight stands. They are generally placed out of the way either side of the stage. The legs are also marked with "Hi-Viz" markers. Additionally the entire weight of the lighting fixtures (LED Par Cans) is very low aiding stability. Having said all of that, any stand can be pushed over with enough force and effort, although we have never had such an incident occur.