This is Trac2This is Trac2 ®

Excellence in mobile sound

Born from a passion in sound quality, we took a different approach to the problems of sounds for bands and Disco. This is Trac2.

Supplying transportable sound equipment, engineers and a lot of experience Trac2 has an enviable record in supply PA sounds systems for live bands, artists and music groups. The same sound reproduction superiority extends out to music festivals and Disco.

Out door live event. With a One Stop solution. Including staging, lights etc.Crude Measure on stage at Fringford beer festival 2014
Sound and Lighting by Trac2

Mobile band PA system

Only a musician who has play on stage could understand both on stage sound requirements and what the audience should hear. This is the best starting point a sound company could have. Take outstanding sound engineer with decades of experience coupled that with an in-depth understanding of sound science, electronics and an exceptional mathematical mind. . .

Out door live event. With a One Stop solution. Including staging, lights etc.Out door live event. With a One Stop solution. Including staging, lights etc.
Then something magical very special emerges.

Offering not only a range of PA sound systems from small announcement systems and conference hall solutions, the medium and larger band sound system solutions open up a whole new world.

Exceptionally rich clean crisp power is effortlessly delivered from the larger public address systems. The crisp definition of sound is not limited to the high frequencies. Unique mid cabinet design punches out the highly accurate middle frequencies. The very unusual Trac2 bass bins driving out powerful, room shaking lows with a precision and articulation few have ever heard. Every band that has ever worked with the Trac2 sound system is amazed and in awe of what can be achieved. Some Trac2 live recordings have found there way onto albums.

Full Trac2 instrument backline speakers stack arrayFull Trac2 instrument backline speakers stack array
The unique Trac 2 high performance vocal stage monitor wedgeVocal monitor wedge sometimes used for instrument backline in very small venues

Stage foldback monitors and full stage backline support

Not content with just what the audience hears. The on stage sound is vital, and Keeping the stage sound clean is the key. Trac2 vocal monitors surpass all expectations in terms of size, sound quality, directivity and plain sound pressure produced.
The Trac2 Backline of instrument speakers and foldback amplification not only deliver an exacting instrument sound on stage but allows for an easy
"Plug in & play" for bands to get on and do what they do best. Make Music.

Laser lighting effects in a small venueLaser lighting effects in a small venue

Mobile Disco

Not content with simply doing live work with some backing tracks and intermission music. Trac2 decided to unleash the almighty sound quality into the mobile Disco arena. Add in a Dj or two, a full Disco lighting rig, smoke machines and strobes and we're ready to party. Transferring the professional Trac2 sound principles brings a refreshing professionalism to mobile Disco scene

When it comes to sound, To be outstanding, we don't follow the "Norm"

This is Trac2